Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cleaning day? Or not? Part 2

3 hours later....

yes, I cleaned my room.. its oh so neat and tidy now.. although mosquitoes are flying everywhere and it's so annoying! I fixed my bed, changed my bed sheets, my pillow covers, rearranged my furnitures, and relocated my shoesessss, wiped the tables, the picture frames, the mirrors, opened the windows, cleaned the walls (so sad though coz I wanted to repaint it, but no! I can't!) I still have a problem though about my laptop and my DSLR, I don't know where to put them but I'll figure that out sooner or later. I hope to have a good night sleep tonight.. Someday, I WILL repaint my room! I promise.. and when that day comes, I dunno when that is but when it comes, my room will be like, suuuuper happy! hahahah. (can't think of any).

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