Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goodbye Chibi

JULY 24, 2010

My baby, you will surely be missed. I love you forever and ever, Say hi to Nana,
Chibi and Mimiw for me in heaven okay? Mommy loves you soo much and more!
Thank ou for the joy you have given me, with your cuteness and your silliness, and your
naughtiness, and your kindness. I love you my babiest cat.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbye Tiyo Melo


JULY 23, 2010
5:45 AM

Today is a really sad day for the whole Carlos family. Tiyo Melo died today.. I kept praying a few weeks back that Tiyo Melo is a very good father, a loving husband and a wonderful person and that he doesn't deserve to die just yet. Well I guess, I will never understand God's plan for him and for our family. It's just too sad because Anciel is still so young and she still needs her father. I hope that wherever Tiyo Melo is, there is no suffering, no hatred and no pain.

We love you Tiyo Melo, You will always be in our heart, Forever.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chapter 1

So the thesis season is ganging up on me. Been spending most of the day doing my chapter 1, What's worse is nagbrown out pa kagabe hangang kanina because of the typhoon "Basyang". Anyway I finished my chapter 1 na. I spent 8 hours of my time today in Starbucks to finish it na. Sa house kasi mainit, madami pang vices at wala ding kuryente. atleast sa starbux may food!!

oops!! tingin muna sa tv.. bago magisip! hahaaha!

I can't think of anything!! my mind's blank!

okay.. going a little bit crazy here.. My hair smells nice though.

Anyway, Ito itsura ko while writing my Chapter 1 last night bago magbrown out.. I was occasionally looking at the TV, I forgot kung anong palabas.. something about home improvement? hahahah.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Compo studies: Unending grace

It's now 12:53am and I am still doing my studies for my compo class tomorrow (technically speaking it's later coz it's already morning). I am sleepy but I still need to color it. *sigh* I don't want to draw anymore.. I just want to do my thesis!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cleaning day? Or not? Part 2

3 hours later....

yes, I cleaned my room.. its oh so neat and tidy now.. although mosquitoes are flying everywhere and it's so annoying! I fixed my bed, changed my bed sheets, my pillow covers, rearranged my furnitures, and relocated my shoesessss, wiped the tables, the picture frames, the mirrors, opened the windows, cleaned the walls (so sad though coz I wanted to repaint it, but no! I can't!) I still have a problem though about my laptop and my DSLR, I don't know where to put them but I'll figure that out sooner or later. I hope to have a good night sleep tonight.. Someday, I WILL repaint my room! I promise.. and when that day comes, I dunno when that is but when it comes, my room will be like, suuuuper happy! hahahah. (can't think of any).

Cleaning day? Or not?

Today I am thinking about cleaning my room or just lay in bed all day.. I think the latter is the best choice but I don't know... I wanna do something, like paint my walls, or rearrange my furnitures, or just play Sims 3 and paint my walls there, atleast it's easier right? I don't have to buy real materials and I don't have to spend as much. But I still don't know... What do you think?