Monday, August 3, 2009

so eto, kalahati na ng 1st sem ng 4th yr college, magpeprelims na.. di magtatagal finals na. i cant help but feel sad and i cant help myself but cry... maiiwan na ako ng batchmates ko. my whole 4 years of college, kasama ko sila.. and gagraduate na sila. so 5th year ko magisa na ako. i cant look forward sa 1st day of classes ng 5th yr kasi wala na sila vena, wala na sila brigitte, jillian, ruby, cyrus, cyril... nakakalungkot isipin, sino na kasama ko maglulunch? di ko na sila makakasabay pauwi. masama ba kung iwiwish ko na sana wag muna sila grumaduate? para may kasabay naman ako grumaduate na kaibigan ko? sa Salinggawi.. ang mga kasama ko nalang na artist eh yung mga apprentice ngayon. mawawala na si asher, si nyael, si mina ate fen tsaka zander. hindi ko alam kung kaya ko pa ng wala sila.. hindi ko alam kung ano ng mangyayare sa artists pa nawala sila. ibig sabihin ba non ako na ang magiging senior artist? hindi ko yata kaya. ayoko maging senior artist. ayoko maiwan... ayoko magisa... ='(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


1 pure white, 1 white with black spots, 1 pure black..
although the pure black died already...

my baby yuki is now a mommy yuki! =^_^=

A Year Younger!!!

May 13, 2009

so mom woke me up mga 11am.. she said bday ni ate tep and we are going to eat lunch outside.. italianis daw.. so naligo kagad ako.. coz i really like going out with my family.. i love going to the movies, eating outside, taking walks and just hanging out with them.

so we left the house mga mag12 noon na, we went to gateway at pumuntang italianis. i wore the shoes na ginawa ko.. yung yellow na may left and right. hahaha! pinakita ko sakanila, and they said it was cute.. and when i told them na ako guamawa, they were so impressed. hahaha! sabi ni ate beck she'll be my 1st customer.

so pinagisipan ko.. gagawa ba talaga ako ng business.. hayy.. maybe in the near future. so after namin mag-eat.. naglakad lakad muna kami sa gateway.. pumunta sa mga shops.. tumingin ng shoes, ng clothes, and asusual,, si tiya baby kung ano ano binili sa gurdo's... hahaha! pareho sila ni mama! after dun, si mama kelangan na daw pumunta sa office.. since dalawang car naman dala namin, si tiya baby naghatid kay mama, kasama si jakob.. then dumeretso na sila pauwi. ako naman sumama muna kila ate tep, ate beck and kuya chris.

pumunta kaming national bookstore. binasa ko yung book ni ate tep.. yung cat painter. nakadisplay sa national bookstore, sa children's book. ang cute nga nung story. an angel who paints cats.. after namin magnational bookstore, pumunta kaming starbucks.. nagkwentuhan saglit.. siguro mga 45 mins din yun. tapos ayun.. pumunta kaming odyssey.. bumili sila ate tep and ate beck ng mga vcd for jakob.. si ate beck nirecommend ko yung movie na may boyfriend is type b. ang cute non, korean movie siya. after dun, pumunta na sa parking lot and umuwi na.

paguwi naman, nanuod kami ng seducing mr. perfect with ate mikaela.. they were sooooooooo in love with daniel henney... well, i cant blame them! i mean, he is soooo sooo uberly hot!! so anyway, after non, we watched 200 pounds beauty.. pero di na namin tinapos coz jakob needs to sleep na.

p.s... i asked ate tep kung ilang taon na siya.. and she answered me, "gusto mong patayin kita?" ahahahahhahaahahahha! natawa nalang ako! oh well.. it was a nice day. spending with the family.. i love them..

Happy Birthday Ate Tep!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another used to be

I dont know what happened, everything went by so fast..

looking at our pictures made me realize how much we've grown, maybe we've grown apart a little, since Alex is working for nestle now and via is not living in the same compound anymore, and if you're asking about me, im here... still here. Looking at our pictures made me so sad. Do you know the saying "you don't know what you’ve got till it's gone"? I may have taken the time a little bit for granted. What I thought would always be there, isn't there anymore. I remember when alex and I were left at home all by ourselves, she would cook my favorite garlic fried rice, because I dont know how. she teaches me math sometimes and she often knocks on my door to chat about boys, about her org, about her date, about her thesis mate and about the newest japanese series or anime series that im watching. We talk about everything, even the corny jokes that she shares. It amazes me how she can make something work. She's very resourceful. She's the kind of girl that can make miracles in the nick of time. I admire her for being mature and for being so smart. She's just beautiful.

Via and I were always together. We knew each other our whole lives. she was my playmate, my schoolmate, my choirmate, my classmate. We share almost everything. She is the life of the party and she knows how to have fun. She sometimes complements my inadequacies. She would often knock on my door at 10 in the evening asking me to go with her to select. We both love fashion, movies, music and food. She's always happy and smiling. She's very good at hiding her emotions.

The three of us spent our 4 years together, living together. I remember we used to travel a lot. We do silly things too. We fight, we make up and then we fight again. We've been through a lot. We made t-shirts, we made pasta, we made poems, we went to palawan, we went to a club, we went to starbucks, we went to meatshop, the list goes on. We've seen each other cry, laugh, get drunk, be in love, and we've seen each other naked too. hahaha. Via and Alex, I consider them my best friends. Though right now, I dont know where we stand. We all have our own priorities now. Different priorities than before. I guess, maybe when people get older, they change. And that's what happened to us.

Second time around!

Well, im back! I'm here again. This is my second acount coz I don't know what happened to my other account. So, sa last account ko, it was just full of poems, full of quotations and such crap. Now, Im just gonna say whatever it is that i want to say. For the longest time, i've been trying to keep a diary, but then, nakakalimutan ko sulatan paminsan minsan, I thought since lagi naman akong nasa internet, edi online diary nalang....